String Curtains

Rainfall String Curtains

Rainfall String Curtains

The latest trends in Interior Design point toward uncluttered, simply and open designs. Rainfall String Curtains are the new design ingredient for creating Space and Definition, offering privacy whilst simultaneously not disturbing the feeling of open space.

String Curtains make the perfect room divider or partition that is sophisticated, glamorous and fun. When you wish to screen something but not hide it away then String Curtains are the answer. If you want to filter the light coming through a window then String Curtains work beautifully.

Made from polyester these high quality Rainfall String Curtains are durable, washable and do not tangle.

All of our Rainfall String Curtains are made to measure to suit your needs and requirements. They come in a wide range of colours, textures and styles, all tailor made to fit any space or idea.

Take a moment to visit our picture gallery for inspiration.

Rainfall String Curtain Styles

The Rainfall String Curtain Range comes in eight wonderful styles including our popular Contemporary range, Metallic and Sequin’s to add that touch of sparkle, Ribbon and the much admired Summerhouse heavy duty range. All styles full of texture and colour.

String Curtains Range

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