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All products in Fifth Avenue

All products in Fifth Avenue
Scroll down to view available colours. The Classic New York Collection Flanged Cord in a classic blend of Liquorice Black & Charcoal. A substantial 3 ply twisted cord. Often used to give a distinctive edge to furniture and cushions it also wo..
Ex Tax:AU$20.00
Brand: New York
Scroll down to view available colours. Complement any cabinet furniture with this petite Classic New York Collection Key Tassel. Featuring a Turks Head top knot and graceful fringe skirt. Shown here in Liquorice Black & Charcoal. This item is part of the Classic New York. To see related..
Ex Tax:AU$24.00
Add some glamour to your room with this Classic New York Collection Single Tassel Tieback. The tassel features a ruffled ruche barrel & soft fringe skirt complemented by a strong 3ply cord.  In a stunning combination of Liquorice Black & Charcoal this tieback will give any curtains..
Ex Tax:AU$40.00
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