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all products in White Dove

all products in White Dove
Scroll down to view available colours. Classic Exquisite Collection Flanged Cord in an elegant blend of Cream & Oyster. There are countless use's for Flange Cord, perfect for Cushions, Pelmets and Blinds, or the leading edge of Curtains. The 15mm tape attached can easily be removed. This i..
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Scroll down to view available colours. Complement any cabinet furniture with this gorgeous petite Classic Exquisite Collection Key Tassel. Featuring a Turks Head top knot and graceful fringe skirt. Embellish your furniture or keys with this charming blend of Oyster & Cream. This item is pa..
Ex Tax:AU$24.00
Beautiful in it's simplicity, the Classic Exquisite Collection Single Tassel Tieback. Featuring a 3 ply twisted cord, a ruffled ruche barrel and gorgeous fringe skirt. In a tasteful mix of Oyster & Cream, this tieback will look elegant on any fabric. To see related products available in this ..
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Curtain Rope Tieback - Oyster & Cream Curtain Rope Tieback - Oyster & Cream
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Rope Tiebacks are perfect for adding a new look to your curtains, at little expense. Featuring a chunky 2cm thick twisted cord at 105cm total length end to end. This versatile oyster & cream colourway is sure to work beautifully with many colour schemes. There are  other trimmings, tiebacks..
Ex Tax:AU$42.00
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