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Beaded Tassel Tiebacks

Beaded Tassel Tiebacks
Tassel Tieback with Beads - 10 colours
-50 %
Brand: Exquisite
Dress your curtains with a luxurious single tassel tieback. Featuring a 3 ply cord and an organdy ribbon skirt adorned with beads. This tassel tieback will add glamour and luxury to any curtain. To see related products available please view the Exquisite Collection..
AU$77.00 AU$154.00
Ex Tax:AU$70.00
Single Tassel Tieback  with Pom Poms - 12 colours Single Tassel Tieback  with Pom Poms - 12 colours
-30 %
Brand: Exquisite
A perfect finish for any curtain, Exquisite Collection single tassel tieback with pom poms. A basket weave cord with a twist of organza ribbon, detailed trim & ruffled ruche on the barrel, lovely flowing soft skirt finished with hand tied beads and pom poms. Without doubt this tieback makes a st..
AU$123.20 AU$176.00
Ex Tax:AU$112.00
Brand: Cavalier
Dress your curtains with this Cavalier Collection single tassel tieback with beads. Featuring a robust 3 ply cord and pale Bronze barrel, a beautiful silky skirt fringe and finished with a string of tiny golden beads and drops of faux glass & wood. This single tassel tieback will add g..
Ex Tax:AU$180.00
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