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Black & Beige

Black & Beige
Brush Fringe - Black & Beige
-38 %
A sumptuous brush fringe in black & beige.  Brush (or cut) fringes are an adaptable embellishment with a myriad of use's, such as for cushions & throws.Special Offers..
AU$22.00 AU$35.20
Ex Tax:AU$20.00
Bullion Fringe - Black & Beige
-79 %
Bullion Fringe is a trimming made with rope like twists of thread that hang down and usually used on upholstery. A bullion fringe looks great at the base of a sofa, lounge chair or ottoman.  Bullion can adorn a bed spread, cushion or down the edge of a curtain or more traditionally on swags and..
AU$11.00 AU$52.80
Ex Tax:AU$10.00
Curtain Tieback - Black & Beige Curtain Tieback - Black & Beige
-64 %
Finish off your window treatment with a sumptuous single tassel tieback with a wooden barrel and full skirt.Special Offers..
AU$55.00 AU$154.00
Ex Tax:AU$50.00
Flanged Cord - Black & Beige
-32 %
There are countless use's for flange cord.  Perfect for cushions, pelmets, blinds or the leading edge of a curtain.  The 15mm tape attached can easily be removed. Special Offers..
AU$16.50 AU$24.20
Ex Tax:AU$15.00
Gimp - Black & Beige
-33 %
The essential finishing accessory, gimp braid in black & beige.  Gimp is the decorative border often seen on chairs but can be used wherever you wish, on cushions, pelmets blinds or lampshades.  Special Offers..
AU$9.90 AU$14.85
Ex Tax:AU$9.00
Small Key Tassel - Black & Beige Small Key Tassel - Black & Beige
-60 %
A petite cotton key tassel, perfect for the corners of throw cushions or a throw rug. Special Offers..
AU$8.80 AU$22.00
Ex Tax:AU$8.00
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