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Black & Taupe

Black & Taupe
Bullion Fringe - Black & Taupe
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Brand: Cavalier
A luxury finishing touch a bullion fringe in black & taupe. Designed to beautifully compliment sofas, ottomans, tablecloths or add elegance to the sweep of a curtain.  To see related products available in this colourway please view all products in Black Taupe..
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Brand: Cavalier
Cavalier Collection Flanged Cord in a fusion of Black & Taupe. There are countless use's for Flange Cord, perfect for Cushions, Pelmets and Blinds, or the leading edge of Curtains. The 15mm tape attached can easily be removed. This item is part of the Cavalier Collection. ..
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Brand: Cavalier
The essential finishing accessory, Cavalier Collection Gimp Braid in a fusion of Black & Taupe. Gimp is the decorative border often seen on Chairs and Sofa's but can be used wherever you wish with Cushions, Pelmets, Blinds & Lampshades just a few ideas. This item is pa..
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Cavalier Tie Back 3369-10 Black Taupe Cavalier Tie Back 3369-10 Black Taupe
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Brand: Cavalier
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Brand: Cavalier
Dress your curtains with this Cavalier Collection Single Tassel Tieback with beads. Featuring a robust 3 ply cord and pale Bronze barrel, a beautiful silky skirt fringe and finished with a string of tiny golden beads and drops of faux glass & wood. Shown here in a fusion of Black ..
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Brand: Cavalier
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Double Tassel Tieback - Black Taupe
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Brand: Cavalier
Express your personal style with the Cavalier collection double tassel tieback. Featuring an intricate 3 ply twisted cording & 2 simply elegant tassels with graceful soft skirts.  In a stylish blending of  black & Taupe. this double tassel tieback will bring your curtains to l..
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Brand: Cavalier
Complement any cabinet furniture with this gorgeous petite Cavalier Collection Key Tassel. Featuring a Turks Head top knot and graceful fringe skirt. Embellish your furniture or keys with this charming Key Tassel in a fusion of Black & Taupe. This item is part of the Caval..
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 Tassel Fringe - Knight
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Bring that special finish to your curtains, throws, cushions or lampshades, with a delicate tassel fringe with bead. Notice the attention to detail in the braid and colour coordinated beads. Shown here in a intriguing fusion of cafe noir, deep taupe, ebony and a touch of bronze gold.Special Off..
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Decorative Key Tassel - Knight Decorative Key Tassel - Knight
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Bring extra colour and style to furniture, cushions and home decor with a decorative key tassel. Featuring a long fine loop cord, a bead and cord barrel finished with a full soft cotton feel skirt. Shown here in a deep mix of cafe noir, deep taupe, ebony and a touch of  bronze gold.Sp..
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Flanged Cord - Knight
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A stylish 3 ply cord with a cross looped design. In a blend of cafe noir, deep taupe, ebony and a touch of bronze gold.  A great finish for the edge of scatter cushions, pelmets or sofa's.Special Offers ..
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Flanged Cord - Knight
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A soft flanged cord in a mix of cafe noir and bronze gold.  Adding a luxurious finish to cushions, pillows, throws and other soft furnishing items.Special Offers..
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